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We provide a range of classes for students aged 7 and above, offering 1 to 12 classes per week. These classes include Stretching and Acrobatics, Turns & Jumps, as well as the exploration of traditional and non-traditional dance techniques and combinations.

Our primary dance styles focus on Jazz and Contemporary. These stunning styles encompass a wide array of directions and disciplines, allowing students to explore various creative possibilities and foster their growth.



An energetic style of dance using various contemporary music genres. Within Jazz, there are different substyles, such as modern jazz, Broadway jazz, street jazz, and others. Jazz dance is always characterized by dynamic movements and expression. Sharpness, strength, control, flexibility, which our dancers will acquire in our Technique and Stretching classes, are essential here, and the Acrobatics class will help create unique visual effects and astonish the audience.


Contemporary dance is a modern style that allows dancers freedom of expression and experimentation. While Contemporary is the complete opposite of ballet, some ballet skills can be a valuable addition to enhance a dancer's performance artistry. To achieve this, we offer a tURNS & Jumps class, which is crucial for both, Contemporary and Jazz, as it helps dancers achieve grace, lightness, and control in executing complex moves and tricks.


Dance is magic that can awaken joy in the hearts of children and give wings to their imaginations.


Zabava Dance School takes part in regional competitions every year, participating in 2 to 6 events annually.

These competitions offer children the chance to demonstrate their achievements and skills, compare their abilities with other dancers, and receive valuable feedback from experienced judges. This encourages children to strive for self-improvement and refine their technical expertise.

Competitions also teach valuable life skills such as handling competition, fostering discipline, determination, and the drive to succeed. Furthermore, they serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for their ongoing creative growth.

While participation in competitions is not mandatory for enrollment at our school, if you wish to see your child shine on a grand stage, please inform us. We will provide you with the participation guidelines and suggest scheduling options for your child's competitive development.



Daria is a certified dance teacher and choreographer with extensive knowledge and experience in both classical and contemporary dance. Her commitment and love for dance greatly influence her teaching approach and interactions with children.

Having worked with children for over 6 years, Daria knows how to ignite inspiration and motivation in young dancers, encouraging them to express themselves and explore their creativity.

Through her patience and understanding, Daria builds trusting bonds with her students, providing support during challenging times and assisting them in overcoming obstacles as they strive for mastery.

Her classes become genuine sources of inspiration and joy for the children, fostering an atmosphere where every student feels accepted and valued as an integral part of the team.


With vast experience in working with children, Irina is a genuine professional whose passion for gymnastics and acrobatics motivates her students to reach new heights. Her extensive background in sports and teaching makes her a reliable and skilled mentor for young learners.

Having achieved the title of Master of Sports in Artistic and Aerobic Gymnastics, Irina's remarkable competence in this field is evident. Her international accomplishments as a finalist in the Balkan Games in Greece and the European Championships showcase her exceptional talent and competitiveness.

Additionally, her certification as a Fitness Instructor by the American Council on Exercise reflects her diverse teaching approach and ability to deliver safe and effective training.

Irina strives to make her acrobatics classes not only stunning additions to competitive dances but also sources of joy and fulfillment for the children.


She is the Artistic Director of the competition team and the school's director. She has been recognized at the state level in the USA as a "Choreographer with extraordinary abilities." Her students achieve outstanding results in competitions in Europe and America, earning her well-deserved awards for exceptional choreography.

Eleanora personally takes care of the development of each dancer by designing individual training programs for them. She oversees their preparation for dance competitions, carefully selecting costumes and music, and serving as the creative inspiration behind most of the competition dances. She maintains close communication with the parents of the students, exchanging information about each child's progress and development.

Eleanora is an inspiring figure who not only shapes outstanding dancers but also fosters a love for dance and a drive for excellence in her students.

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